PERFECT AGE FACIAL - A treatment for mature dull and devitalised skin that encourages its regeneration leaving skin feeling firm and supple.


HYDRATION FACIAL - Hydrating treatment designed to increase skin’s ability to create water reserves and protect skin cells against processes that lead to dehydration. This treatment provides instant comfort for the skin, leaving it nourished, soft & instantly radiant.


PURIFYING - A Fresh and light textured cleanse with a lively citrus fruits scent, that normalises greasy, impure and acne-prone skin. The formula is based on a complex of active plant extracts including grapefruit seeds and burdock featuring re-balancing & sebum – regulating properties that guarantee a return to normality of skins functions by curbing the production of excess sebum oil in shiny skin, resulting in restoring and refreshing action.


NORMALISING - This facial is a protective action cleanse for sensitive or easily reddened skin. The intro of horse chestnut and hawthorn extracts, known for their strengthening and protection of the skin.


MICRODERMABRASION FACIAL THERAPY - This treatment is tailored to your skin type inducing the deepest form of exfoliation by inducing a hydro-blasting technique with our state of the art Microdermabrasion machine. It allows the skin to prepare for finer lines and less visible pigmentation, while allowing your skin to look firmer through collagen stimulation allowing more softer and radiant skin.



SEA MIST SLIMMING WRAP - This treatment is designed to prepare skin to receive nutrients & excess fluids through saline strength of the sea and Osmosis Ionic exchange, reducing orange-peel like imperfections caused by cellulite. Precious natural extracts like extra rich Algae and trace elements transfer active ingredients to the skin and reabsorb substances which areeliminated, boosting efficiency of the microcirculation and speeding up the metabolism of fats, all whilst giving you an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.


SEA EARTH SYNERGY WRAP - You can regain confidence from the abs down with this treatment, thanks to the high concentration of ultrasonic like complex and red algae, this luxurious treatment carries out an intensive local heating reducing action to encourage the breakdown process and elimination of fats in these stubborn areas. Rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins, the treatment improves the overall skin structure and assists to trigger the cellular metabolism. After this intense wrap you shower your body is immersed in oil and finished off with Obala’s signature massage.


ZEAL ENERGY WRAP - Rediscover your perfect silhouette with this unique and relaxing treatment which reshapes the body using butters and botanical extracts for a polysensorial experience of well-being. Containing specific nanostructures and reducing complex to fight cellulite and work against anti-aging. This range energises your body and provides a powerful cosmetic action to assist with speeding your metabolism of fats and excess fluids.


OBALA CENTELLA WRAP - This beautiful treatment envelopes your body with a modelling film containing Microlayer Technology and Ultrasound-like Complex. The film provides a gradual release of active ingredients, along with providing the highest reducing performance of accumulated fats at a cosmetic level. Active ingredients assist to prevent the onset of stretch marks and encourage the soft draining of fluids. With a luxurious, creamy texture this treatment leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and toned.

Body Wrap


SWEET SWEDISH MASSAGE - Describing this as Obala’s Signature massage it will help you release any tension build up whether that be stress related or muscular by targeting this through the lymphatic system and also tailoring your treatment with heavy or light bodywork. You may also choose an essential hot oil of your choice to alter your mood.


BELOVED BAMBOO MASSAGE - This Oriental style massage is like no other. It targets all points of pressure to release toxic energy and induce a positive balance followed by our soothing massage technique.


SHEIKE STONE MASSAGE - This treatment will deliver any tension build up that the your muscles hold by allowing your toxins to be released through the feeling of our hot stones. You may choose an oil of your choice to suit your senses.



EXPRESS MANICURE/PEDICURE - Buff and polish creating that well manicured toe & nail style


DIVINE DELUXE PEDICURE - Let your tired feet rest whilst you soak and then allow for exfoliation to both feet and lower leg in our customised ingredients made with love using our very sweet almond oil and natural organic extracts formula. Then you may choose your desired length and are then you are taking to heaven with our very own timeless Obala foot massage to the oil of your choice in our Royal pedicure treatment massage chair.


LOVED LUXURIOUS PEDICURE - This treatment customises oils of your choice to both soak and massage, this is the god of all pedicure treatments allowing time for a delightful mask treatment to both feet and lower legs, and then followed on with our signature massage treatment and finished of with a hot tea beverage to alter your mood into a relaxed state of mind having you feel like you are walking on the clouds.


DELUXE MELLOW MANICURE - Allow your mind to be mellowed and drift away whilst we soak your nails and allow for cuticle work and nails are manicured to your desired length, while your senses are treated to our Lychee.